2023 – April

April 6 meeting

Wild night. The main speaker didn’t show up. Tracey O’Brien spoke about her access to temporary labor, Erin Cronin spoke about state sanitary codes, Roger Andrews about providing vacation housing, and Ron Oliviera and Carl Superior spoke about rental rates in New Bedford and Fall River. Possibility of “rent stabilization,” so get your rent increases…

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2023 – March

Meeting 03-02

A lot of new people, great news. Guest speakers were Carlos Betancourt (NB Section 8) and Marie Afonso (FR Section 8). For people looking for NB Sect 8 tenant, call Carlos directly. The waitlist is 9-10 years, voucher is good for 60+60 days, then bottom of the list. Contact FR or NB HA if deliver…

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2023 – January

January Meeting

Our annual vendor meeting at the Whaler Motor Inn. We started with Chris Johnson at Isaksen Solar about the advantages of solar panels.  Regi Michado of Michado Cleaning Services to clean units, Daryl Lopes of Cape River Stays (ARB&B management), Carl Bonnell of Old Colony Pest Control and Junk Removal, and lastly, Insurance brokers Kevin…

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2022 – December

Meeting 12-05-2022

Christmas/Chanukah party at GNBLA with Reps Tony Cabral and Paul Schmid. RAFT extended to June 2023, new business park on Hathaway Road, Boston train completed by December 2023.  Neighborhood stabilization program, up to $40,000/unit to fix up properties. Biggest advancement with trains, the opportunity for additional brainpower to stay in New Bedford. The train cost…

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2022 – November

November meeting

Big night at GNBLA with Judge Joe Michaud, temporary  Clerk-Magistrate Suzette Fagan-Clarke, and (future?) Clerk -Magistrate Joseph McIntyre. Shortage of rental units makes eviction harder.  New tier system must do mediation. Smart to embrace it. Exchange time for certainty. Negotiated agreement is very powerful. Send notice when you see problems, know what is going on,…

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2022 – October


Another great Landlord 101. According to Erin, treat landlording like a business, not fun and games. Educate yourself (attend our meetings) and follow occupancy standards.  Check out prospective tenants, google search, credit check, job, MACourts.org, etc.  Use online search for tenants. Don’t discriminate. Tenants can request a reasonable accomodation for disabilities.  Ancillary fees are your…

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2022 – September


We are back at the Shaler Motor Inn after the summer. Speakers are Constable Herb Vandal and Attorney John Walsh. Constable Herb Vandal handles all sorts of legal delivery from 14-day Notices to Move Outs. Move Outs are expensive, and best to avoid. Attorney John Walsh had a lot of good advice. Don’t enter into…

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2022 – June

June 2022

Last meeting before the summer and Italian food to boot. John Dillon, public adjuster, spoke about the need for his services in case of fire or natural disasters. Craig Snell spoke about changes in the mortgage market, Carl Superior spoke about Fall River rents, and Ron Oliveira spoke about New Bedford rents and the local…

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2022 – May

May 2022

Big night at GNBLA.  Judge Donna Salvidio and Clerk-Magistrate Mark Jeffries. Per Judge Salvidio, applying for rental assistance stops eviction until confirmed or denied. Get estoppel certificates from tenants upon sale, don’t accept seller’s security deposits upon sale, might be faulty.

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2022 – April

April Meeting 2022

It was Landlord 101 with Ron Oliveira and Brandon Burns. Per Ron, when you buy a property,  get all agreements from the owner and get estoppel from all the tenants. Respond to all rental inquiries, watch what you say, and remember the words, “We make all reasonable accommodations.” Brandon is a property manager and said…

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