2022 – January

January Meeting Speaker

We had our Vendors meeting along with free pizza and chicken wings at the Whaler Motor Inn. What could be better? The meeting started with Pete Covill of Humphrey, Covill and Coleman talking about insurance coverage, the need for rental replacement and having sufficient coverage. John Dillon of Petrocelli Public Insurance Adjusters will help you…

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2021 – December

Meeting Attendees 12-02-2021

Another meeting, a great new location at the Whaler Motor Inn, 500 Hathaway Road, New Bedford. Guest speakers Judge Joseph L Michaud and Clerk-Magistrate Mark Jeffries. Close to the end of the Covid problems, Southeastern MA Housing Court is the most efficient court in executions. That has caused some problems, we do need to fight…

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2021 – November

Joe Lopes

Our speaker on November 4 was major Fall River property manager Erin Cronin with Landlord 101. Per Erin, real estate management is a business, make the property look nice, only show property when it’s 100 percent.  Put all details upfront, don’t surprise people with fees or other issues. Get nice pictures, stress location, stay away…

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2021 – October

Rep. Cabral

Great night for politics at the GNBLA with Massachusetts State Rep Antonio Cabral, and New Bedford City Councilor Joe Lopes. Tony: Spoke of challenges with Covid, RAFT and ERAP program, affordable housing, state money for housing development, and plenty of other issues. City Councilman Joe Lopes of Ward 6 in New Bedford: Spoke of real…

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2021 – September

Sept. 2021

September 9 meeting ably hosted by Bill Schofield. Carl Bonnell, exterminator announced his new business at 774-400-5993. Leo Choquett, running for City Councilman Ward 1, has a fundraiser on September 15 at 6 pm at the Jade Garden Restaurant. The main speaker Attorney John Walsh, 508-994-0083, Advice, 1) always have a written agreement, 2) never…

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2021 – June

June 3 was our last meeting before the summer. Our people are back. The main speakers were Matt Andrew, Ron Oliveira, and Carl Superior speaking about rents in Fall River and New Bedford and the local real estate market. Rents in New Bedford are now 1,2 &3 3 bedrooms $1000, $1200 & $1300. About the…

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2021 – May

(left to right) Attorney Donna Cohen of the Volunteer Lawyer Project, Clerk-Magistrate Mark Jeffries and Judge Donna Salvidio.

The last photo is of our speakers from last Thursday, (from left to right) Attorney Donna Cohen of the Volunteer Lawyer Project, Clerk-Magistrate Mark Jeffries, and Judge Donna Salvidio. The vaccines are out there, people are returning. ~ Donna Cohen spoke of Pro-bono and Low Bono legal help for landlords (that’s right). ~ Mark Jeffries…

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2021 – April Meeting

Speakers were Attorney John Francouer and Constable Edward Avilla, eviction in the Age of Covid. Governor Baker ended the Eviction Moratorium on October 17, CDC moratorium theoretically ends on June 30th. Can’t evict for non-payment of rent, can evict for cause, or possession. Landlords can help tenants apply for RAFT payment, new eviction forms so…

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2021 – March Meeting

GNBLA meeting was at the Thirsty Whale (thank you, Ron Oliveira). Speakers were State Reps Shawn Dooley and Peter Durant. We need to know what is going on in the State legislature, but not panic over bills that are going nowhere. Rent control bills only by local option, South Coast Rail definitely going to happen,…

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2020 – December Meeting

Covid 101 with Ron Oliveira and Kevin Welch. Ron suggests we build rapport with good tenants. Problem with court for another year, refile old motions before new cases. Allow tenants to work off debt, find jobs, raise rent on new tenants, not old ones. Look at all of your expenses, see what you can trim.…

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