2024 – April

Meeting 04-2024

Joint meeting with GNBLA & Steve Beauregard and the New Bedford Housing Authority.  Steve and crew introduced NSPIRE codes for all Section 8 Housing. We also introduced Kyle Cabral of C2S Energy for free or subsidized improvements to properties.  And as always, want to learn more, come to our meetings.

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2024 – March

Meeting March 2024

Another big night at GNBLA . David Silveira announces our new video, encouraging new members and asking for members to text other landlords to come to our meetings. NB City Councilor Leo Choquette talked about the city, and still people working on “rent stabilization.” The main speaker is Steve Stasiuk, Business Development Manager of Stonelink…

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2024 – February

Meeting Feb 2024

It was Finance February! Attorney Paula Miller says owning property in own name has the most liability, owning in LLC or trust is like protecting your luggage by putting shaving cream in a zip-loc bag. Brokers Pete Covill & Barry Dextraze recommend umbrella policies, commercial umbrellas with larger portfolios. Mortgage broker Craig Snell feels mortgage…

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2024 – January

Meeting Jan 2024

A full meeting. Adelsa Mendes of Mass Development, then vendors; Bob Brandzen from Pride Exteriors, Ken Nelson of K& K Custom Builders; Chris Johnson of Isaksen Solar; Kyle Cabral of C2S Energy & John Dillon Public Adjuster.

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2023 – December

It was Holiday time with Judge Joe Michaud & Clerk Magistrate Joe McIntyre. Joe McIntyre 1 year as CM. Raft (Rental Assistance for Families) is still around – the landlord is not compelled to participate. E-files for appeals going through the roof.  The best advice is the best documentation wins.

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2023 – November


It is Landlord 101 with Erin Cronin. Begin with the end in mind. Will the property cash flow? Attract the best tenants. Determine the rent. Prescreen all interested parties. Get a rental application and references. Mauntenance. Know the laws. Document in writing. Want to know more, come to the meetings Also met Kurtis Amaral from…

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2023 – October


GNBLA with Attorney John Walsh.  Standing order 123 is still in effect, can’t evict if eligible for RAFT.  Up to $7000/year.  Usually better off getting rid of tenants once they stop paying.  RAFT is good for one-time situations. Next meeting is Thursday, November 2 at 7 pm at the Whaler Motor Inn. Landlord 101 with…

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2023 – Sept.

Meeting 09-07-2023

Big night with Brenda Hernandez (short-term rentals, Paula Miller (mid-term rentals), Ron Oliveira & John Afonso with Real Estate Market Update.  Advantages with short & mid-term rentals, though extra work.  Ron & John spoke about the market, little inventory, and high demand for rentals. Learn more by coming to our meetings. The next meeting is…

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2023 – June

Meeting June 1

Big pre-summer sendoff meeting with free food and City Councilors Shawn Oliver, Shane Burgo, Naomi Carney & Brian Gomes. Conversations about city attempts at ” rent stabilization.”  A lot of conversations, hopefully not occur. Other conversations; need less red tape, fewer restrictions on building, fewer restrictions on lot size.  Brian Gomes made good points, new…

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2023 – May


Great night, lots of new members.  Bruno Freire, Lead Paint Manager from the City of NB Healthy Homes program spoke about working together to improve properties. A big night with Judge Donna Salvidio and Clerk-Magistrate Joe McIntyre.  New rules from the state, mandatory mediation. Non-evidence hearings are still on Zoom. In-person mediation is more effective. …

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