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Monthly Meetings

2019 – November Meeting

No surprise, another great meeting.hosted by Bill Schofield, New Bedford Ward 3 City Councilor High Dunn stopped by after his impressive victory to talk about updated zoning, impact of dredging operations and off shore energy. Susana Neves Coito spoke of low down payment loans for 1st time investment property buyers. Susan Whitehead spoke of shadow…

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2019 – October Meeting

Another great meeting. Hosted by our President, Bill Schofield. We were visited by New Bedford City Councilor candidates Lisa White, & Leo Choquette and Mayoral candidate Tyson Moultrie. Lieutenant Nate Rodriguez spoke about the role of Police and how they can help inevictions.and he stayed around for the following presentation and to ably answer questions.…

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2019 – September Meeting

This was our end of summer meeting. Andy Barroll served as host. Our 1st speaker was City Council candidate Leo Choquette. Matt Andrew spoke about checking out tenants, made many excellent suggestions. Mike Silvia of New Bedford Guide is setting up a new program to identify drug dealers and criminals. Attorney John Fancoeur spoke about…

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2019 – June Meeting

We had an end-of-the-year party at Cotali-Mar in the North End of New Bedford on June 6. What happens at GNBLA meetings stays at GNBLA meetings. It was great to see everyone have a good time. We will be back on September 5th stronger than ever. And with terrific speakers, great members, access to local…

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2019 – May Meeting

Big Night. President Bill Schofield flew in from Florida. Derek Santos, executive director of New Bedford Economic Development Commission, spoke about his different functions, providing funding for companies providing jobs. Many jobs with Vineyard Wind, rail will be happening. NBEDC a real asset to the community. Marissa Perez-Dormitzer, city Waste Product manager, spoke about the…

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2019 – April Meeting

We had a great meeting April 4th at Cotali-Mar. We were graced for the first time with Judge Neil Sherring. We also had Clerk Magistrate Mark Jeffries and Assistant Clerk Magistrate Steve Carreiro. I was joined up front with John Ray and Ron Oliveira speaking about the importance and uses of our facebook page. Among…

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2019 – March Meeting

Another great meeting last night, ably hosted by our President, Bill Schofield. Matt Andrew spoke about finding deals and ways to go about it. You can also contact Matt about buying deals from him. Attorney John Francoeur spoke about the “legality” of application fees. Dakotah Alonso spoke about ways to use your app to protect…

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2019 – February Meeting

Lisa Celio and Luke Lehman from Bank 5

Another great night. Andy Barroll got to host. I got to introduce some wonderful people. Ronald Oliveira and John Ray spoke about our growing Facebook page and organization. GNBLA members Carl Superior and Chris Gallo spoke about Hard Money Lending. Call them anytime or approach at meetings. Our special guests were Lisa Celio and Luke…

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2019 – January Meeting

Great meeting. Andy Barroll served as host. Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro raffled off a Ring Camera. This was followed by a Blue Ribbon panel of Linda Silveira, John Ray and Ron Oliveira on the direction of the real estate market. Main speaker, Auctioneer George Colias giving ins and outs of auction market. Want to know…

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2018 – December Meeting

We had a great meeting. Joe Fagundes mentioned that if there is a sewer problem, to call him, not a plumber. Richard Bonneau of New Bedford Roofing talked about roofing issues. Constable Rick Nunez spoke about his Constable Services. Peter Covill (not photographed) spoke about levels of liability and how not to be over or…

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