Benefits of GNBLA Membership

Evication Help

Get the tools you need to learn about more effective eviction methods, quick answers to eviction problems, and assistance with tax abatement issues.


Monthly meetings focus on important issues with featured speakers, such as the governing Mayor, U.S. Congressman Barney Frank, and Southeastern Housing Circuit Judges.

Charter Membership

GNBLA members also receive charter membership in the Mass Rental Housing Association. There are 22 such charter memberships currently across the state.

Collective Voice

Stand together with fellow landlords and enjoy the unity of a powerful voice in the community and across the Commonwealth to affect positive change.

Guest Speakers

Luncheons and dinners feature guest speakers that include local Senators, the New Bedford Police Chief, and the Director of the Office of Better Neighborhoods, Patrick Sullivan.

Government Policies

Gain traction with Political Action on "hot topics," such as Sewer and Water Rates, Rent Control, State Health Code issues, and policies affecting local housing.