The GNBLA was established in April 1993 by John Egan


The Greater New Bedford Landlord Association (GNBLA) was established in April 1993 by John Egan, as an opportunity for landlords in the Greater New Bedford area to come together for the betterment of the local housing industry.

Landlords of all types can join the GNBLA, regardless of the size or volume of the properties that they own or manage. Membership in the GNBLA provides access to essential resources, relevant information, professional support, and assistance with important industry issues.


What We Do

  • We encourage professionalism in providing fair, clean, and safe housing in the Greater New Bedford area.
  • Provide our members with vital information regarding Legislation, and other relevant housing issues.
  • We offer monthly opportunities for our members to network with local leaders who can affect change, including elected officials and area law enforcement.
  • We strive to improve communication among landlords with regard to tenant screening and selection.
  • Our goal is to strengthen relationships with local agencies in the fight against drugs and other illegal activities.