2024 – February

It was Finance February! Attorney Paula Miller says owning property in own name has the most liability, owning in LLC or trust is like protecting your luggage by putting shaving cream in a zip-loc bag.

Brokers Pete Covill & Barry Dextraze recommend umbrella policies, commercial umbrellas with larger portfolios.

Mortgage broker Craig Snell feels mortgage rates will decrease, putting upward pressure on prices. High prices require owner occupants, mostly FHA financing.

Carl Superior & Chris Gallo are hard money lenders. Go to them for a quick closing on property with the potential for forced appreciation.

The next meeting is March 7 at 7 pm at Whaler Motor Inn. Landlord 101 with Steve Stasiuk of Stonelink Property Mgt and City Councilor Leo Choquette, re potential new rules for landlords.

Please come to our next meeting, no charge for new people.