2023 – June

Big pre-summer sendoff meeting with free food and City Councilors Shawn Oliver, Shane Burgo, Naomi Carney & Brian Gomes.

Conversations about city attempts at ” rent stabilization.”  A lot of conversations, hopefully not occur.
Other conversations; need less red tape, fewer restrictions on building, fewer restrictions on lot size.  Brian Gomes made good points, new development doesn’t solve the problems, higher costs.  Problem with open arms to people across the state, need to help ourselves   It was mentioned that it takes longer to build in New Bedford, problem getting worse.  Shawn Oliver stated that you can’t stabilize rent if everything else isn’t stabilized.
Next meeting September 7 at 7 PM at Whaler Motor Inn; short and mid-term (Airbnb) rentals with Roger Andrews, Paula Miller & Brenda Hernandez AND Real Estate Market Update with Ron Oliveira and John Ray. See you then and have a great summer.