2022 – September

We are back at the Shaler Motor Inn after the summer. Speakers are Constable Herb Vandal and Attorney John Walsh. Constable Herb Vandal handles all sorts of legal delivery from 14-day Notices to Move Outs. Move Outs are expensive, and best to avoid.

Attorney John Walsh had a lot of good advice. Don’t enter into lease agreements, use MTM. Better off cutting deals in court than going to trial. Due to Ch 257 of 2020, can’t evict for non-payment of rent with active RAFT application. Most evictions are Notice for Possession. Notice to Quit is the foundation of your case, don’t want a Summary Process without a good notice. Hire a lawyer! As a side note, get plenty of Umbrella Coverage.

Come to our next meeting, on October 6 at 7 PM at the Whaler Motor Inn. Property Manager Erin Cronin and Landlord 101. See you then.