Another great meeting. Hosted by our President, Bill Schofield. We were visited by New Bedford City Councilor candidates Lisa White, & Leo Choquette and Mayoral candidate Tyson Moultrie. Lieutenant Nate Rodriguez spoke about the role of Police and how they can help inevictions.and he stayed around for the following presentation and to ably answer questions. We were pleased to be visited by Judge Donna Salvidio, Clerk-magistrate Mark Jeffries and Assistant Clerk Magistrate Stephen Carreiro. Judge Salvidio will be serving full time in Southeast Housing Court. Judge Salvidio stressed the need to use Police as backup to meet Burden of Proof. Mark Jeffries stressed the need to know who you are going into business with (tenants). Steve Carreiro suggested when buying properties get Certification of no code violations.A lot of time was spent discussing how Landlords, Police and Housing Court can work together to evict criminals using Chapter 139, Section 20. Very exciting meeting, time flew.

Next Meeting November 7th. Landlord 101 with Erin Cronin & Ron Oliveira and Real Estate market Update (what are our properties worth) with Linda Silveira, John Ray & Ron Oliveira. See you then.