Another informative meeting. Hosted by Andy Barroll. We started off with John Dillon of Petrocelli Public Adjuster. John has a background in construction and should be your first call in case of fire or damage. His number is 508-317-9418 and it should be in your cell phone. Our friend Rep Tony Cabral stopped by and spoke about South coast Rail, neighborhood stabilization , an education bill and his work to make it easier to make improvements without triggering ADA. Kevin Malloy and Pete Covill stressed that everyone should have plenty of liability insurance and encourage tenants to have renters insurance. Want to know more. Come to our meetings.

Next meeting: January 2, 2020 – Vendor meeting. Hear from local respected trades people who you can feel confident in. Hear from David Silveira of South Coast Design, Rich Bonneau of NB Roofing, Chris Johnson of ServPro, Robert Leidbold of Duff Plumbing and many others.