President Bill Schofield

We had a great meeting. Joe Fagundes mentioned that if there is a sewer problem, to call him, not a plumber. Richard Bonneau of New Bedford Roofing talked about roofing issues. Constable Rick Nunez spoke about his Constable Services. Peter Covill (not photographed) spoke about levels of liability and how not to be over or under insured. Chris Johnson of Servpro spoke of disaster remediation and Kevin Malloy spoke about MassLandlords and the fight they are making against rent control.

Next meeting January 3rd. Real estate auctioneer George Colias and the blue ribbon panel of John Ray, Linda Silviera and Ron Oliviera speaking about where the real estate market is going. Is it going up, down, staying level. Hear what they all have to say. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year from all of us at GNBLA.